Relaxing and deeply moisturizing treatment transforms dry, parched skin into moist, soft, and smooth textured skin. Dramatically refines skin that has been dried out by extreme changes in weather and temperature.



55 min - $65
80 min -  $101
90 min - $120
75 min - $90

This wonderful skin recovery treatment will revitalize and revive the health of your skin. We will purify your skin with a detoxifying masque and serums chosen specifically for your complexion followed with antioxidant complexes that Inhibit free radicals that lead to inflammation, dryness, aging and age spots After this nourishing and relaxing treatment you will be ready to take on the world!

This aggressive 5 phase, hour and a half  treatment uses enzymes, alpha hydroxy acid and manual microdermabrasion to exfoliate your skin and set the stage for deep hydration and facial contouring using potent peptides. This facial visibly smoothes lines and leaves your face fresh and radiant.  

60 min - $65

Microcurrent treatments works on the musculature of your face and neck using alternating electrical current to stimulate muscle contractions, which give your face a firmer, tauter base for your facial tissue.  This one hour treatment begins with a deep cleansing to prepare the skin and maximize the benefits of the procedure.  The procedure uses two wands, which are placed on more than 100 positions on your face and neck to stimulate your muscles.

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